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​Transmitting the current and Japanese culture of the town

The experience-based inn “Seacret Base” provided by Fukagawaya is

This is a new form of accommodation where you can rent out and experience various Japanese cultures.

You can actually touch, use and purchase selected Japanese products.

From traditional Japanese crafts to modern interior products such as tatami mats and shoji screens,

You can actually use and check Japanese good products related to food, clothing and shelter.

Japanese inn


The interior is inspired by a modern Japanese style, and is based on a good old Japanese house.

Walls made with a lot of wood and structural material with a natural texture in mind.

It has a modern design that combines colorful tiles and tatami mats.

The shoji screens and lighting fixtures have an old-fashioned design but are finished using modern technology.

We are aiming for a new form through the fusion of retro and modern, and the fusion of old and new Japanese culture.

Stay, see, and feel the breath of Japanese culture in the future.

Vacation house

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