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​Transmitting the current and Japanese culture of the town

Japanese interior

I want to protect Japanese culture.
I want to be the support of my daily life.
Cherish that feeling,
Fukagawaya is working hard.

Shoji, fusuma, screen door,
From replacing wallpaper to repairing fittings,
We are happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Forty years of loving the downtown area.
Focusing on Koto, Sumida, Taito, and Edogawa,
We are running around with politeness and sincerity in mind.

Please feel free to call us.

Fukagawa shop owner

​From reupholstery to new fusuma.
Fusuma paper is available from popular fabrics to high-end fabrics and high-grade Japanese paper.
​ We also have various colors of lightweight fusuma (film and resin frame) for Western-style rooms.

Japanese style room with garden view
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We handle everything from reupholstery to new construction.
For the new version, we will prepare shoji paper and fittings (frames and kumiko) according to your request.

Shoji paper is available in standard, reinforced paper, and plastic.

​From replacement to new tatami mats. From the general Edo period (with edge, without edge),
Ryukyu tatami mats, Japanese paper tatami mats, pets, color tatami mats, etc.​A wide selection of products
We mainly recommend domestically produced rush.

From wallpaper repair to replacement. I will search according to the image.

We mainly deal with domestic manufacturers.
For partitions, we recommend installing removable and lightweight simple walls.




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